Theme: Classification Systems for Outpatient Services, Development and Use

Kati Myllymäki, Chief Medical Officer, The Social and Health Care Joint Authority of South Savo, Finland

Keynote Kati MyllymäkiKati Myllymäki, MD, MQ, Specialist in family medicine

Kati has been a Medical Director of South Savo Hospital District since 2013.

Previously she was a Medical Director in City of Kouvola from 2009-2013. Prior to that she was a senior Medical Advisor in the Ministry of Social and Health 2002-2008.

Kati worked as a general practitioner from 1984-2001.

She was president of the Finnish Medical Association 1997-2000  and president of the World Medical Association 2001-2002.


Theme: DRG in Acute Care Services, Multi-trauma, Intensive Care, Emergency Unit

Hans Flaatten, professor, University of Bergen Norway

Keynote Hans FlaattenHans Flaatten was trained as a Consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive care (1986) and has worked only with intensive care (IC) since 1990. He has lead an academic general ICU from 1994-2014 and is now 50% senior ICU consultant in the ICU. From 2004 associate professor at the University of Bergen and from 2015 full-time professor. Research interest is on various outcomes, also economic issues, after IC and quality improvement and Quality indicators in Critical Care. He has been engaged in European Society of ICM (ESICM) from 1996, as Council Member, and as Chair of the Division of Professional Development. He now works with intensive care educational courses, and was chair of the ESICM Clinical Training Committee in 2010-14. From 2014 Chair of the health service and outcome section in ESICM. He was the founder of Norwegian Intensive Care Registry (NIR) in 1999 and is now the chair of the steering group of NIR which is now a National Quality Registry.


Primary Classification Through the Wide Lens

Robert Jakob, M.D., World Health Organization, WHO, Geneva Switzerland

Keynote Robert JakobRobert Jakob, MD is Medical Officer at WHO responsible for development of the ICD and derived classifications since 2005.  Other current or past fields of work include ICD-O, verbal autopsy, procedure classification, patient safety framework, and aspects around implementation of ICD and causes of death reporting.
From 2001 to 2005, he served at the German
Institute for Medical Documentation and Information (DIMDI), a federal authority, which is also a WHO-FIC Collaborating Centre.  He led a team that helped formulate a German emergency data set, and other data sets for the German electronic health card, as well as creating a registry for “electronic objects” (OID) in health.  He was earlier in charge of ICD use in mortality statistics, the ICD adaptation for Oncology, the ICF (International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health), and consulting for the classification of procedures in medicine. Dr Jakob’s fluency in four languages facilitated his participation in the international activities of the Network of the WHO-FIC Collaborating Centres. Dr Jakob was a surgeon at the St Vincenz Hospital in Datteln from 1990-2001, and set up and ran the hospital information system.


Funding and Cost Accounting, Principles and Practice

Jeff Hatcher, Senior Consultant with the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) Canada.

Keynote Jeff Hatcher,Jeff Hatcher is a senior consultant with the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI). Jeff’s role includes working with clients to assist them in the use of case mix systems in their decision-support, utilization management and funding activities. He has also worked extensively on the development and refinement of CIHI’s case mix classifications and cost weight methodologies. His case mix career began in 2002, when he joined CIHI. Jeff is a statistician and economist by training.

Jeff is also the director of the school on Advanced Design and Implementation of Case Mix Funding Models, held annually by Patient Classification Systems International (PCSI).