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Travel from Europe and US to Iceland is easy with Iceland’s international airport at Keflavik only about three hours away from London, Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Oslo and about five hours from New York, Boston, Toronto and Minneapolis.
Many airlines operate flights to Iceland, such as Iceland’s national carrier, Icelandair, SAS, Delta, British airways and the low-budget airlines, WOW air and EasyJet.

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Flybus information

Flybus arrival:
Operated all year daily from Keflavik Airport to Reykjavik in connection with all arriving flights. The Flybus is located right outside the Keflavik International Airport. Tickets can be purchased online and at the airport. The Flybus brings passengers to the BSI Bus Terminal in Reykjavik near to the capital´s centre. From there passengers are brought to some of the major hotels and guesthouses in Reykjavik. Kindly note that not all hotels and gueasthouses are provided with this service. Taxis are available outside the terminal for any destination. Duration: 40 – 50 minutes.

Flybus departures:
In connection with all departing flights. A free pick-up service is available from some of the major hotels and guesthouses in Reykjavík. The day before departure, passengers need to inform the reception desk staff of their hotel that they want the Flybus to pick them up the next day. The Flybus has a special schedule based on departures from the BSÍ terminal, picking up passengers approximately ½ an hour prior at the hotels.

General information about Iceland


Weather The month of May is characterized by rising daily high temperatures, with daily highs increasing from 7°C to 11°C over the course of the month. Daily low temperatures range from 2°C to 6°C.

Over the course of May, the length of the day is very rapidly increasing. From the start to the end of the month, the length of the day increases by 3:09 hours, implying an average day-over-day increase of 6.1 minutes.

The shortest day of the month is May 1 with 16:55 hours of daylight; the longest day is May 31 with 20:04 hours of daylight.

Currency The local currency of Iceland is the Icelandic krona.

Language The local language of Iceland is Icelandic. It is easy to get about using either English or one of the Scandinavian languages.

About Reykjavik

Reykjavík is a small capital by anyone’s standards. It’s size and the fact that most of its shops, museums, restaurants and bars are located around the centre helps make Reykjavík highly accessible and easy to explore on foot.
The growing number of visitors each year has resulted in a number of excellent restaurants in or around the city centre. A walk along the newly restored harbor area is popular with a stop for ice cream, brunch, a cocktail or a candlelight dinner at one of the many new spots there.

Anywhere in Reykjavík you will find a swimming pool within walking distance. These usually have a relatively inexpensive entrance fee but you are expected to bring a swimsuit and a towel. Many Icelanders visit these on a daily basis, if only to soak in the hot pots and discuss current affairs.

There are numerous museums in the capital both art museums and history museums well worth a visit.

Shopping in Reykjavik can be interesting. Iceland is known for its wool products like it´s famous handknitted ,,lopi” sweaters. Icelandic design of all kinds is a fast growing industry and many beautiful shops selling art and jewelry as well as clothes can be found on the main shopping streets Laugavegur and Skólavördustígur.

Reykjavik is famous for its lovely bars, cafés and vibrant nightlife. Again, it helps that many of these are situated in the same general area, on Laugavegur, or it´s side streets, making it easy to go exploring.


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